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[16 Dec 2005|11:56am]
its been forever.
school is school.
went to the wrestling THROWDOWN against kentwood.
we won.
so that was pretty cool.
french has been sucking. we get new seats every 2 weeks and i always get the weird people.
health also sucks and i still havent done my community service.
english is pretty alright. alot of my friends are in the class. like steph. kyle. justin. nathan. zack. other kyle. skylor. raffa. and other people.
biology is whatever. we keep getting new kids. and there is this really cute guy named james.
math is crap. im in there with freshman. some are cool and others like the gay guy bug me.
but gym would have to be my favorite.
awhole bunch of hindu girls wanted to beat up autumn, lydia whitney and me. it was crazy but i laughed. and they didnt do anything like i thought.
and dance has been kinda stressful.
winterfest is the 30th and im doing 2 dances that i had to learn in 2 weeks. she wanted me to do all 6 and there was no way i could have learned that many in 2 weeks.

meaghan has a boyfriend now. his name is michael.
me and jeff went out for a day then i broke up with him.
but i like this guy named brian.
and another guy named michael.
michael is really cute.
but brian is like amazingly beautiful.

oh and i got a ride home with garett long. the hot senior in my gym class.
it was after frisbee club.
yes i was in frisbe club.

well bye. im going over to meaghans.
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[21 Oct 2005|03:58pm]

urgh school is stressful. but im getting good grades and im happy about that.

 french is awesome. ive learned SOO much. its awesome!

 health is soooo stupid. we had to do our powerpoints and im doing mine on 'hypochondria' and she wont let me present it because i was late turning it in..because i thought she said friday not thursday. whatever. so i only get half credit. which is stupid. and then we changed seats and i didnt know about it. and i sat in my old one so she has been marking me absent. that sucks.

English is...ehh cressey is still crazy. and i have a book project due monday..which i didnt even read a book? oh well. that class is crazy though. urgh nathan and zzach are SUCH assholes. they are probably the most cocky guys ive ever ever ever met. i sit by nathan and he always trys to grab my boobs and tells me how much i ' want ' him. i mean yeah he is FUCKING HAWT. but yeah. we had a really hot sub today.

 Biology...i have an A in that class. which is weird. that class is boring though me and POOJA hang the whole time. tyler is in that class and he bugs me. so is darkness's boyfriend. YEAH i dont think ive told you all about darkness who put a curse on me lydia autumn and whitney. yeah crazy!

MATH sucks. i hate my teacher and the people in that class. we FINALLY moved seats but i moved on over. and the girls that are fucking annoying moved. omg but now matt sits next to me. he is a jerk. but really hot. for a freshman. and then the GAY guy that came up to me the first day i was in that class and was like ' you know im BI right ' so he talks to rob and stuff. but he hits on me and its SCARY. is he fat and ew god.

 i love my gym class. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. garret which by the way is the HOTTEST senior. omg omg omg omg omg omg he hugged me today YEAH HE FUCKING HUGGED ME. he told me i was his best sophmore girl and i freaked out and was like OMG OMG woot. it was awesome. lydia me autumn and whitney all hang out in that class. its a class full of seniors and juniors. and me lydia and steven are the only 10th graders. okayokayokay lets see tonight me and stephanie are going to the movies with trae and dan Image hosted by Photobucket.com thats dan but you cant really see him. he is a senior and he is awesome. i love him. AND THIS IS GARRET! Image hosted by Photobucket.com he looks beautiful in this picture even with the retarded expression..but just think how he looks without that retarded expression OMG OMG OMG I LOVE HIM.

okay so garret. james. dan and a couple other guys have a band called ' CWA ' - crackers with attitude. they have this song called GIGALO and it cracks me up. garret always sings it to me i laugh everytime.

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=19502764&Mytoken=A65161A2-896E-45D3-8EA1E9D58968F6AD1145878078 thats there myspace.

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[29 Sep 2005|04:04pm]

im happy right now.

wanna know why!?






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[22 Sep 2005|03:30pm]
im SOOO tired. school was really, long. we only had 1 2 3 and 6th because yesterday we had 4th and 5th for 2 hours each, and advisory

in advisory this kid that sits next to me, kept poking me. it reminded me of when miles and eli would do that. but i dont like that kid. he is REALLY annoying.

but today, yeah that was ehhh..french we watched this movie, which was alright...I GUESS it was funny though.

in health...did recycleing..which was BORING. i have to empty all the sped classes recycling bins...yeah they have some interresting art work..ill grab some and show you guys..haha. and we had to do out presentations..trae and jordan wouldnt stop staring at me..and laughing..so i got all red and yeah. that was bad lol.

cressey HAHAH that teacher cracks me up. i love her. but yeah...we played this game that this kid made up for vocab..and i have the most..HOTTEST guys in that class..well like 2, i lied like 1 but WHATEVER he is so hot. and..kyle took the note i wrote tyler..and they all read it..and laughed. it was bad.

lunch..hm...hung out with steph and KEITH. that was awesome. i loved it. i laughed so hard.

gym was SOO long. an hour and a half. i ran 4 miles..then after that i played frisbee for like 30 minutes..i got 15 touchdowns. it was great. GARRETT was on my team and he was like ' you should join the frisbee team ' i laughed. but he is SOOO hot. so after that we played volleyball. my team won..but im SOOOO tired. so i think all that running was like 5 - 6 miles. im dieinggggg.

so amys party is coming up..and BRADLEY RAGSDALE is going. im soo excited..and i heard he wanted to know if i was going. :) :) :). OMG i freaked.

well sarahs party is saturday and im excited. ;) love ya babe.
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[20 Sep 2005|08:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

school is hellish. SO MUCH HOMEWORK. its crazy. french hahahahhahha i love that class. my teacher is so awesome. OH NO OH NO. its the best. plus i sit by duncan and that black kid cracks me up. plus i have steph, tyler and kyle in that class. plus some fat chicks..some emo guys..and this one kid that wheres polo shirts WITH the coller up..and unbottons it so it looks like he is trying to show his chest..and he wears pooka shells, and mandals and spikes only the FRONT of his hair. but i must admit. HAWTIES in that class.

health sucks..my teacher smells like old coffee and nasty antique stores. and she loses alot of stuff. but that class is all about enviroment and like nature. so that works. cassidy and jeff are in that class. along with trae i mean MASTA, he calls me estabrook. he looks like meaghans cousin michael. that class is ALWAYS freezing.

cresseys class is INSANE. i fucking hate this chick she is so effing stupid. and she is such a bitch. i was sitting in my seat and she goes ' YOUR SITTING IN MY SEAT ' and i was like ' NO FUCKING SHIT ' and she goes ' THIS IS RESERVED ' me and skyler were just like ' WE DONT SEE YOUR FUCKING NAME ANYWHERE ON HERE ' and her and these asshole guys made us move. oh i was so mad. and she pops her gum and she is from hawaii and she is blonde and little. PISSES me off. she isnt very pretty though so whatever.

lunch and 4th both suck.

math SUCKS i hate mr snow. NO not alex snow.

gym..with lydia and REALLLLLLLY HOT GUYS like garret. oh my jesus. soooooo fine.

so i hate greg. he basically told me i was worthless so i told him to take his uncircumsized penis and fuck off.

sarah ill tell you that story


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[08 Sep 2005|03:48pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So everyone is now in school. so i dont feel like a retard for going to kentlake. even though that school is gay, makes up for it with hotties.
OH AND LAYNE i found you a woman. her name is rhandi. she is really cute. :) yay or lydia (she is hot. and reallllllly nice)she is my gym pal. since this PHYSCO other one wont leave me alone. i try and be nice and say HEY to her because obvisiously NOONE likes her. so she follows me and runs by me.

i ran 9 laps. yesterday. she followed me and i thought she was going to die. she picks up this dead sqiurrels head and carrys it and says ' ew it smells really bad. look at all the bones ' and everyone is just like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING. i think she has like rabes now. its sick.

wasnt anything speical
bradley ragssssssssssssssssssssssssdale came into my gym class. AH. and like sat there. and i think he said ' HEY your michaela right? ' and i said something like ' yeah ' and he said ' sweet, your the girl everyone tells me about '. BUT im not sure if he was talking to me. i was so in shock that he even said anything to me. i was just red and couldnt breath. and im pretty sure ANYONE who would see him...WOULD KNOW how effing beautiful he is. oh. not obsessed though lol.

my bus sucks. this little kid thats 4'8 sits by me its so funny. he hates me. so i just talk and talk and talk to him. i laugh so hard. but today i sat by justin ' HOTTIE POLO PLAYER ' and we talked about homecoming.

speaking of dances my school is having a black and white dance tomorrow. from 8 to 11. im debateing on if i should go or not. alot of people told me to go.

im tired so bye.


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[02 Sep 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]

school started.

EFFING SUCKS i barley have ANY classes with anyone i know. other then this girl poojau chandra? her last name is chandra. she is cool. and she is the ONLY one that has my effing lunch. URGH!

Other then that. NO HOTTIES in most of my classes. meaning no bradley :(. but my friends have him in there classes. and i guess he has ' noticed me! ' omg i was like screaming.

1st period i have Health. The first day. i was sitting with these hardcore emo kids. one who looked like rob. and this other girl. next to me was this really slutty girl. who knew the emo kids. she kept saying how ' this is the first time im ever on time. i never come to school '. we had to do this thing that was like, telling about ourselfs. and she was like ' is popping pills a hobbie? ' all i did was laugh inside and shake my head. then she was like ' is smoking a sport? ' i was like. PLEASE FUCKING SHUT UP. she thinks she is so hardcore. and she looks like a ferret. i seriously want to KILL her.
on a good note, there is a hot guy in that class. HOTTIE. like really HOT. omg.

2nd period i have geometry...FULL of freshman, me and this stoner kid are the only sophmores. we sit together along with this really weird freshman girl, when we were writing about ourselfs. i had to interveiw her and she was like shaking and said ' I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY IM SO NERVOUS I THINK IM GOING TO VOMIT ' really loud and everyone was looking at us. it was horrible. i seriously think she is on something. she just sits there with her head down and arms folded and rocks back and forth. there is a girl in that class. that looks like that girl ' casey ' from laguna beach, she is basically ORANGE and has fake white hair that goes down to her ass, wears abercrombie and a skirt so short when she bends over you can basically see her crotch. btw she sits RIGHT infront of me. and talks about how her dad just got her, her 7th ipod to go with her NEW pink sweat shirt. she also said ' i cant listen to my music when im not matching '. other people in that class are really preppy and or fat and ugly. my teacher talks like she breathes throughw her nose, and she always sounds constapaded (cant spell).

3rd period is AWESOME actually. reallly hot guys. like 10 hotties. and i sit by 2 of them. SKYLOR and STEPHAINE are in that class. skylor sits next to me and stephanie sits behind me. there is a sub because ms. cresseys mom died or something, which i think is a lie because last year she used that same excuse..unless she has TWO mommys?. but anyways we have this really weird sub, she puts on ALOT of makeup and smells like a old shoe store. but its fun with skylor and steph. there is this fat kid that thinks he is really funny but when he says stuff NO ONE laughs, i kinda feel bad.

4th sucks. i have 1st lunch with that poojau girl, which is the ONLY person who isnt a senior with me. so we hang out. and NOONE has that lunch. urgh.
4th which is my science class. has again NOONE in there. this really nerdy kid that plays pokemon with this downsindrom kid (ive noticed i have alot of retards in my classes). makes me wonder if im in the SPED classes?. hm. anyways. there is some cool people i guess. i hang out with kendra and tyler. which is kiiiiiiiiiinda cool. she knows BRADLEY so it works.

5th period is ceramics. FUCKING HOTTIES IN THAT CLASS up the ass. they are all seniors/juniors/2 sophmores and 2 freshman. but they all have LONG hair, and play football. (by the way they looked beautiful in the jerseys today) i also have 5 mentally challanged kids in that class. 3 sit across from me. this one retarded guy was talking to me and told me he was really pissed off because his mom cut off his ' jeti ' braid (rat tale) and went into this long discusion about WHY you cant cut it off. i was laughing so hard i almost pee'd myself. then this other mentally challanged girl got up to talk about herself and was like ' MY NAME IS SARA NOT SARA WITH A 'H' JUST S-A-R-A ' and talked for 20 minutes about how her cat TRICKS her to go outside and eat fireflys, and how her and he turtle molto have deep conversations about polltics, so she talked about his veiws on them. AGAIN i was laughing so hard. another mentally challanged kid thinks he is really TOUGH and was like ' if anyone talks to me ill beat the shit out of them, ill show them im really from the ghetto part of kent ' and he is this really small white kid with glasses and red hair. ANOTHER mentally challanged kid is like 3 foot 2 and looks like he has downsindrom and smells like tuna/salmon. i almost puked. and he talks to himself about how eminem is literally the GREATEST rapper known to man. and he was singing all the songs, even though he couldnt really talk...due to the downsindrom. i felt so bad laughing but my face was beat red. so i hid in my backpack and pretended to sleep even though i was dieing of laughter. today we learned how to make a pot. and the mentally challenged girl SARA not saraH did one for the class...let go of the wheel and it went everywhere. then she got up and started screaming. i was so scared.

6th i have gym. so thats alright. nothing to be really said about that. other then my black friend is in there. I LOVE ANDREW.

today was a pep assembly, people at CUNTlake LOVE sports. so they were going CRAZY. and i had a huge headache. the band has alot of hotties. so SARAH you need to come to a game so we can acid trip!. the football players are SOOOOOOO HOT you guys have NO IDEA. i wish you could all see them. they are absolutely beautiful.

on the first day we had to go to advisory, so i go into room 2620, which was full of juniors. and im sitting there for an hour and 30 minutes. and people are talking to me, i made a new best friend. i felt very very awkward. i look at my schedule and go...wait WHAT THE FUCK (really loud) is this room 2620? OMG IM IN THE WRONG ROOM. i was supposed to be in room 1620. everyone laughed and made fun of me. i felt so bad. and sad. AH i almost cryed.

well i better go.

FOOTBALL GAME TONIGHT against KM - Cunt Meridian.

so love you guys.

oh yeah P.S girls on my bus dont like me. i think, they wouldnt let me sit next to them...so i had to sit on the bus floor, until this HOT GUY told me to sit by him.


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[31 Aug 2005|10:36am]
[ mood | urgh school. ]

I start school tomorrow. DAMNIT. effing kentlake. i do not want to go and see all those yuppie girls/guys. they think just because im from 'westseattle' im hardcore. yeah its retarded. HOPEFULLY i get bradley ragsdale in one of my classes..he is FINE!

well see ya

You are

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CREATIONNNNNNNNNN! and sex? [24 Jul 2005|07:23pm]
[ mood | anxious ]


im bored and anncy its taking forever for the day to be over!

went to the carwash late..i forgot to wake up. that was alright.

saw my BFF alex and then duncan..and then of course they all showed up 'joel, alex and duncan'

i was kinda annoyed but whatever...seems like i cant do ANYTHING in west seattle without joel wanting to hang out. i know he is my boyfriend but...comeon..i need time with my friends. NO BIG DEAL. i like it, its just...blah!

went to see wedding crashers with my brother and ryan...that was interresting. the movie was funny yet sad..i cryed.

these people sitting kinda next to me i think we fucking..im not sure. they kept moaning. it was horrible. AHH! plus i had to pee right before the movie started..and i didnt pee until after. i was dieing.

well im going to go. see ya.

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jesus FEST! wooooooo! [12 Jul 2005|10:18pm]


SOOOO today i didnt really do anything. hung out with steven, some guy davey (david?). and chris. which was boring. didnt do anything. then my mom picked me up.

went to tacobell with my sister and my mom (yes my crack whore sister). the black tacobell worker was hitting on my mom and sister. it was gross. i was dissapointed. we were up in seatac by the airplanes. i was like WOW seriously...are people that sick.


street fair is this weekend. im not going ALL the days. im going friday with meaghan and possibly caspin. or maybe just meaghan. Saturday going with chandra and sarah STREET DANCE! good old times.


WHOS GOT THE FIRE!!!??? kidding. MAYBE. no i am. I THINK. nope honestly. IM LIEING!.

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HELLLLLLLLLLO [26 Jun 2005|12:11pm]
[ mood | Sore but HAPPY. ]

HEY big SPENDERCollapse )

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woo [15 Apr 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | im good. ]

This years lovin better lastCollapse )

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strangers in the night....exchanging glancesss [27 Mar 2005|06:46pm]
[ mood | hurt ]


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[20 Mar 2005|09:34pm]
[ mood | feelings?? ]

No....Yes.....WORKS EVERYTIME!Collapse )

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[16 Mar 2005|02:56pm]
[ mood | FREEZING ]

Straight Up.Collapse )

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it feels so good to say..im soo far away. [14 Mar 2005|07:31pm]
[ mood | okay ]

ive been changing, but youll never see me now.Collapse )

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put your fist up, put your fist up. [12 Mar 2005|11:18am]
[ mood | Sore and Tired ]

He feel it, She feel it, We feel it, AROUND AN AROUND WE GOCollapse )

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straight up [11 Mar 2005|08:52am]
[ mood | confused ]


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[08 Mar 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I love you, so very muchCollapse )

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your so cold, keep your hand in mine [07 Mar 2005|08:28pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Lay your hands on me one last time...Collapse )

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